TLDR: I enjoy life and I enjoy creating.

I am currently the Co-Founder and CTO at Duchamp's, an online auction house. I innovated the use of NFTs as property titles for physical goods and became the largest seller of physical, luxury items with provenance (directed graph of custody) backed by the Ethereum blockchain. I started Duchamp’s to test my hypothesis that the psychology of selling cryptocurrencies mirrors the that of selling (comparable) appreciating assets, such as gold or equities. It has been featured by OpenSea, Hypebeast, WWD, Cultured, and other publications.

Prior to Duchamp's, I co-founded and sold, a marketplace for collectibles and trading cards, built quantitative models to make sense of the art market at Arthena, and helped bring restaurants online at BentoBox.

For fun, I consult with startups, non-profits, artists, and small businesses. I have helped over three dozen – a leading American startup incubator, former Navy Seals, 2 Y-Combinator alumni, and others – to develop ideas and execute product, fundraising, strategic, and organizational goals, with a focus on Seed-stage startups going to market.

During undergrad, I studied at Sewanee: The University of the South, focusing in Classical Languages and Computer Science, and NYU’s Stern School of Business. While at NYU, I gave a Ted talk about changes to the 21st century American economy that are driving income inequality. We need to drastically improve America's education system to close this gap and restore the agency and dignity of American citizens.

I attended Groton School, where I was Humor Editor of The Circle Voice (our school newspaper), sang in a Ska band called Suns of Beaches, shot photos for the yearbook, took every opportunity I could to study political systems and coup d'états, and grew deceptively hot scotch bonnet peppers in my windowsill. Our motto – Cui Servire Est Regnare – translates literally as he who serves is to rule or more eloquently to serve is to rule. This and a love of Dostoevsky (thank you Mr. Goodrich) stuck with me.

As a kid I was frequently bored in class and would distract other students, so my school let me take time out of class to write Greek myths (4th grade) and study the different ways in which stars die (5th grade). I would sing at every wedding my parents dragged me to.

I was born in 1994, 10.5lbs. The nurses had to find diapers for me in the toddlers wing 👶🏻.

Otherwise, I paint portraits, sail, shoot photos, write and sing songs, play squash, run, and employ the Socratic method too frequently. I have a love for driving winding roads in German sports cars, and one day I hope to look back and decide a Good life was lived.